About Lossimingori Lareto

In the Maasai language, “lareto” means self-help. “Lossimingori” is a Maasai village in the Monduli District of Tanzania, about 75 kilometers outside of Arusha. “Lossimingori Lareto” represents the work of the people of this village to improve life for all its inhabitants.

“Our Maasai community must help ourselves when we face any problems or difficulties in our life. Sustainable development is impossible without villager participation. LARETO, as a Maasai community based organization, helps to empower and enhance the capacity of Maasai communities for self-development and self-reliance.”
– Lebaraka Lazier, Leader of Lossimingori Village

Over the past three years, Lossimingori has welcomed nearly 250 visitors to learn about Maasai culture. Visitors tour villagers’ homes, participate in traditional dances, learn about fire-making and other unique aspects of Maasai culture.  Visitors are asked to make a direct donation towards the development projects of the village and also have the opportunity to purchase hand-crafted jewelry made by the women of Lossimingori. With funds raised through this tourist program, the village has created a community learning center, is expanding water access and is helping girls attend secondary school.

The people of Lossimingori welcome you, encourage you to learn about their culture and hope you will partner in their efforts to improve their community!